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Shanti Restaurant


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To curate and deliver on-brand content, highlighting the delicious dishes combined with witty, engaging captions. Additionally to grow a local following of Boston ‘foodies’ through organic growth methods, who will likely visit the restaurant.

Our Process:

We initially listed other competing restaurants in Boston, and then interacted with their followers on Instagram. These users are evidently foodies, restaurant goers and local, so were highly likely to follow back and convert to customers.

As well as growth, we have created all content for Shanti’s account. We switched up the grid, highlighting the delicious dishes on the menu with single images and carousels. The grid is now vibrant and on-brand, focusing on the incredible, diverse dishes while remaining cohesive.

We established a clear tone of voice for the brand with the captions. Both witty and educative, the captions have been integral for increasing comments and engagement with the account. We use techniques such as alliteration, capitalisation and emoji’s to grab attention while humorous touches give a personal, attainable feel.

Return of Investment:

Shanti Boston has increased by 1000+ new, targeted followers in the last 60 days.

Shanti's In stagram Engagement Rate has also doubled through the curation of engaging content highlighting the delicious dishes and witty, educative captions.

Follower Growth:


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Quality of Followers:

All followers were pre qualified and have high purchase intent

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