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The Complete Guide to Growing Instagram Followers Organically

Unless you are a celebrity, you will probably have to put work into growing your Instagram following. Buying followers may be a tempting option, but those followers aren’t real profiles, and your brand may come off looking more like a scam than a business to follow.


The real trick is to know about growing Instagram followers organically.

Growing your Instagram audience isn’t as hard as you think. Our CEO Matt created Sup Growth to help anyone start and scale their businesses, and the tips in this blog will help you find followers. But first, let’s check out one of our awesome Case Studies….

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Follow Other Profiles

One easy way to grow Instagram followers organically is to follow like-minded users. Once they see your profile, they may choose to follow and interact with your profile, business, or brand. The only downside is having to follow a large number of people, which is something influencers typically try to avoid on their Instagram account.

Collaborate With Other Accounts (Especially Influencers)

Consider collaborations to find more followers. If you know someone who manages a popular account, this can be easy. Otherwise, you may have to message someone likely to want to partner with you.

Collaboration could be as simple as posting a photo of you and the other account holder doing something that fits your respective niche. Or you could do some type of shoutout that your collaborator reciprocates.

If you do not share the same audience, this can expose you to potential new followers. Instagram users tend to trust brands and people they are already following. They are more likely to follow accounts that trusted influencers plug while growing followers organically.

Interact with Other Accounts

Instagram is a community. Like any community, it helps to engage with people online. When you do so, you’re more likely to get noticed.

Commenting is one of the best ways to interact with brands and individuals who have a similar goal as your business or venture. You can also tag individuals if you want to grab their attention.

Feed Your Stories

Stories offer another way to get attention. Many users scroll through stories because the videos and images are temporary. If you are not posting engaging stories, you rely on people to find you on their main feed.

To see good examples of engaging stories, check out the stories posted in our case studies.


Commenting is one of the best ways to interact with brands and individuals who have a similar goal as your business or venture. You can also tag individuals if you want to grab their attention.

Get Real with Reels

Reels offer yet another way to achieve organic growth on Instagram. Making the videos takes a bit of practice. Fortunately, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube.


Once you master the art of making these short music videos, you can enjoy the benefits of a new source of organic followers.

Growing Instagram Followers Organically

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